I am currently teaching Formal Epistemology at the University of Konstanz, a graduate seminar exploring different ways of mathematically modelling uncertainty and its rational management. I previously taught Introduction to Inductive Logic at both Konstanz (graduate) and the University of California, Irvine (undergraduate). My online lecture videos for the undergraduate version of this course are available here. I have also taught a course on Rationality and Decisions in the philosophy department at California State University, Long Beach as well as a variety of other courses as either primary instructor or teaching assistant at UCI.

A statement of my teaching philosophy together with my student evaluations can be found here.

Courses Taught

As instructor of record:

As teaching assistant (UCI):

  • Voting and Political Manipulation. Winter 2019
  • Naturalized Epistemology. Fall 2018
  • Probability and Statistics. Winter 2020; Spring 2018; Winter 2018; Spring 2017; and Spring 2016
  • Philosophy of Biology. Winter 2017; and Winter 2015
  • Behavioral Economics. Fall 2016
  • Business Decisions. Fall 2015
  • The Good Life: Happiness and Well-Being. Spring 2015