Gerard Rothfus — Philosopher


I am currently teaching a course on Rationality and Decisions in the philosophy department at California State University, Long Beach. I have also taught as both primary instructor and teaching assistant at the University of California, Irvine, where I am scheduled to teach an inductive logic course this Spring.

A statement of my teaching philosophy together with my student evaluations can be found here.

Courses Taught

As instructor of record:

As teaching associate (UCI):

  • Voting and Political Manipulation. Winter 2019
  • Naturalized Epistemology. Fall 2018
  • Probability and Statistics. Spring 2018; Winter 2018; Spring 2017; and Spring 2016
  • Philosophy of Biology. Winter 2017; and Winter 2015
  • Behavioral Economics. Fall 2016
  • Business Decisions. Fall 2015
  • The Good Life: Happiness and Well-Being. Spring 2015