I am currently teaching Collective Choice and Social Welfare at the University of Konstanz, a seminar exploring political philosophy and social choice theory using Amartya Sen’s classic text as a guide. I have previously taught seminars on epistemology, logic (both deductive and inductive), and decision theory at Konstanz, U.C. Irvine, and California State University, Long Beach. Online lecture videos for my undergraduate course on inductive reasoning, taught at UCI, are available here.

A statement of my teaching philosophy together with my student evaluations can be found here.

Courses Taught

As instructor of record:

As teaching assistant (UCI):

  • Voting and Political Manipulation. Winter 2019
  • Naturalized Epistemology. Fall 2018
  • Probability and Statistics. Winter 2020/2018; Spring 2018/2017/2016
  • Philosophy of Biology. Winter 2017/2015
  • Behavioral Economics. Fall 2016
  • Business Decisions. Fall 2015
  • The Good Life: Happiness and Well-Being. Spring 2015

Sample Syllabi for Prospective Courses: